Oak Hill Athletics provide the two critical components to help you achieve your goals:

  1. Personalized training plans
  2. Supervised training sessions

Personalized Training Plans/Online Training

We believe that the basis for athletic success is a well thought out, scientifically designed training plan. Because everyone is different the first thing we need to do is collect some information from the athlete. This is done with an Athlete Questionnaire that is sent to the Athlete (or their family) immediately after signup.

After receiving the completed questionnaire back from the athlete it is analyzed by a coach. The training, competition, and injury history give the coach insight into the background of the athlete.  Combine that with the athlete’s goals and we have basis to build a customized training schedule.

Your coach takes into account all of life’s time commitments, participation in other sports as well the athletes’ favorite types of training as well what the athlete feels has injuried him in the past. For example, say the athlete lists that running higher mileage injuries them but lists that their main goal is the Marathon. The coach will either place them on a lower mileage program or take the extra time to build the mileage slowly depending on the situation and how the athlete reacts to the training from week to week.

The coach then reviews the training schedule with the athlete, explaining the different terminology and the purpose of each workout. He/she also answers any questions the athlete may have about the structure of the training.

The athlete begins the training. Twice per week the coach e-mails the athlete to see how training is going and asking specific questions to make sure the training is working for the athlete. Typically one e-mail reviews a particular workout from the week and the other is a weekly summary. Based on the emails responses the coach makes any adjustments to the following week and any upcoming training. They also answers any questions from the athlete.

Small Group Training Sessions

If you live in the Sacramento or East Bay areas, we offer two types of supervised training sessions. The first type that we offer is a small group session. These sessions combine a limited number of athletes with similar or complementary training objectives. Athletes are coached through a workout that comes from their personalized training plan in the company of others completed similar workouts. (Note: a drop-in rate is available for those wishing to experience a workout prior to signing up for a personalized training plan.)  Oak Hill Athletics coaches provide individualized feedback and encouragement to all participants in the group.

One-On-One Training Sessions

These sessions are really dependent and structured around the particular needs of an athlete and can go several different ways.  A lot of communication needs to happen between coach and athlete to really find out what the athlete (or parent) is looking for so the coach can direct the training accordingly. Here is a common scenario.

The first session if geared towards running is really an analysis.  We need to first make sure the athlete is using proper running form.  Many times the coach will film the athlete in a before and after type situation.  Get the current running form on video and then make some corrections and then do some more video.  Then the analysis happens with both coach and athlete watching the video to see the changes.

Many times the follow-on sessions become more of a workout type scenerio rather than pure analysis. Of course the coach is still there to make any addtional form corrections that need to happen, but the primary emphasis is on guiding the athlete through a particular workout step by step.

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